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I'm a former math professor turned onscreen mathematics designer.


I used to be a professor of mathematics. I became interested in how to produce effective onscreen mathematics materials, and after a few detours, I'm now a graduate student looking at (in the words of my application) "onscreen mathematics communication design". Some of the interactive things I've designed can be found on the Mathdesign section of my website. I live in the greater Vancouver area.

About Afterhours. Though actually born in April 2002, Afterhours was conceived during Christmas 2001, the product of an increasingly stressful work environment. I chose the name Afterhours then to reflect my perception that any serious thought or other creative work would have to be done outside work hours. Though I'm now in a much more congenial environment and enjoying myself immensely, I'm very busy as a result, so most blogging will likely still be done "after hours". My intent is to use Afterhours mostly to write about things related to my current academic interests, though there'll undoubtedly be occasional rants, trivia, opinions and other stuff thrown in.


mathematics, onscreen mathematics, cognitive science, mathematics teaching and learning